Top 5 Most Scenic Wedding Spots

Breathe taking views, pictures that say 1000 words and memories that will last a life time. If that is what you are looking for in your wedding destination, than you need to consider one of the top 5 scenic wedding spots. Whether you want to be on top of a mountain or on a beach, there is a spot for everyone.

New Zealand
If you want to be on top of the world when you say I do, the mountain tops of New Zealand is the spot for you. Your wedding day will start off with a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain. You will be surrounded by 360 degrees of beautiful landscape.

Want to live out your fairy princess fantasy? France is the place for you. They are home to the most scenic castles in the world. The 19th century castles of The Chateau de Challain or Petit Chambord offer wedding packages. What a perfect backdrop for your big day.

Hawaii is the perfect location for that dream beach wedding. With several islands and a lot of beaches to pick from, there will be one perfect for you. The beautiful water and landscape provide a perfect scenic spot

Thinking of something a little more exotic or different for your wedding location? How about having the Great Wall of China for your back drop? There is a private walk way that leads the bride to her new beginning. There are several restaurants as well to help with all the wedding plans.

Central Park New York
Want to stay closer to home but still want a beautiful scenic wedding? New York City is one of the top romantic cities in the world and what better place to get married than in Central Park. For a small fee that can easily be a dream come true. From the beautiful Shakespeare Garden, or The Conservatory Gardens are perfect scenic wedding is right in your own back yard.


Why adapt your fashion style according to your vacation spot

Going on vacation is not only fun but it is also a great way to get creative and have a little fun with different fashions trends. Many men and women like to plan their outfits around where they are vacationing.

There are some good reasons to plan your outfit based on where you are vacationing.

- One of the most important factors in determining what to wear on vacation is to consider the weather. If you are going from a warm climate to a cold climate you will need to bring warmer clothes. The climate is often the biggest influence on fashion.

- Another great reason to change your style depending on where you are vacationing is because you can find some new trends and styles that you may like. In places such as New York high fashion is all the rage so finding a dress from a high fashion designer or picking up the newest Burberry trench coat may add a piece to your collection that you never thought of getting.

- Changing your style to adapt to the area you are visiting can also help you blend in. Some vacation areas may try to take advantage of tourists and raise pries for things. Dressing like the locals can make you feel safer and more welcome. If you are visiting a city that is known for rodeo why not try a new pair of cowboy boots or a new cowboy hat.

- Changing your style to according to where you are vacationing is also a great way to get creative. Wear a dress you may have been afraid to try or buy a pair of flashy shoes that look great on you.

Fashion is all about experimentation. Traveling to different areas gives you the opportunity to try different looks and find new items. The locals in other areas can inspire new trends and new styles to try. Having fun with fashion and wearing things you enjoy are a great way to look and feel good.

Ways in keeping your body fit while on vacation trips

For those that are serious about their fitness not working out while on vacation simply is not an option. Even those not so fitness conscious but aware of all the dangerous foods you can fall prey to on vacation are aware of the added benefit of vacation fitness. There are a few simple things you can do on vacation to keep you toned and trim.

One of the most important things you can do on vacation to stay fit is to watch your calorie intake. Not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy yourself and indulge, you can, just do it in moderation. Watch your portions and try to stay away from those indulgent decadent deserts. Instead of the triple chocolate fudge cake have a bowl of strawberries & whip cream. If you go out of the country, stick to the foods that are indigenous to the natives. Stick to local fresh fruits and fish and stay away from resort food geared toward fat Americans. There are ways to enjoy eating without being bad. These are all little things you can do that will make all the difference when it comes to staying toned and trim.

Another way to stay fit while on vacation is to do some walking or exploring. Stay active. Instead of lazing around on the beach for five days take one of those days and explore your surroundings. Maybe go for a hike around the island. Go dancing one night at one of the islands clubs. If your vacation destination is a trip to NYC then be a tourist. Walk around the city exploring all the cool historic parts of New York. Walk around the Central Park Lake. If your vacation spot is a camping trip to the woods then take some time hiking around those woods. Become one with nature. You can enjoy yourself and stay active at the same time. There are lots of ways you can burn up calories and have a ton of fun at the same time. The key is staying active and not spending your vacation sitting like a lump on a log on the couch. Get out and do something.

How to find your dream vacation villa

We are living in a busy and hectic world. Your schedule is likely filled to the brim with work, appointments, taking care of your family and other tasks. If you are feeling overwhelmed, a vacation is a great way to recharge while spending time with the ones that you love.

Before you can enjoy the thrill of a vacation, you need to plan and research for your trip. One of the most important decisions that you will make is where you will stay. If you would like to have plenty of room for yourself and your family members, consider renting a vacation villa instead of a normal hotel room.

Villas are generally very spacious and well-equipped. Many even include a kitchen so that you can prepare meals during your trip. Finding the right villa is vital, but there are several resources that you can use to find one that will meet your needs.

A travel agent can be a valuable partner in your villa search. Most travel agents do not charge a fee, so you can take advantage of their expertise without digging into your vacation budget. The key to a successful relationship with a travel agent is good communication. Clearly explain to the agent where you want to go, what factors are important to you, when you what to travel and what your budget is.

Villas can sound great in a brochure, but they might not be what you are picturing. Ask to see photos or videos of the villas that the agent recommends. Some properties even offer a virtual tour for prospective guests.

If you prefer to research and plan a trip on your own, you can find a wealth of useful information on the Internet. When you use the Internet, you have the convenience of being able to research properties 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of your home.

Since renting a villa is a big investment, stick with websites that have a reputation for quality and excellent customer service. Look at as many pictures of the property as possible, and contact the company for more information if you have any questions or concerns about the villa.

Your security is important, so never enter your financial information or credit card information into a website that is not secure. Once you make your deposit, you can get ready to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in your perfect villa!

What are some Do It Yourself Crafts to do to make travel experience better

Travelling provides people with the opportunity to step outside their day to day life to experience unique experiences that add to the flavor of life. While this can be done simply be visiting and reveling in another country, there are do-it-yourself crafts that can add significantly to the travel experience. This article provides some do-it-yourself crafts that can make your travel experience significantly better.

A photo collage provides you with the ability to document your travel experience in a creative craft that provide you with a record of your travels. Photos capture elements of your travel experience that words cannot describe and can make a creative and aesthetically pleasing backdrop in your home or apartment.

If you are planning on returning to a country or your relatives are developing a travel guide based upon your experiences can be a creative do-it-yourself craft that can accentuate you travel experience. In your personal travel guide you can review and rate restaurants, hotels, and sights that you have visited. This can not only provide an interesting reference to those who are interested in travelling to the location you are reviewing but can also provide you with a detailed memory regarding your travel experience there.

When travelling many people pick up souvenirs from the area they are visiting. As an alternative, try seeing if there are any classes you can take there to develop crafts. For example, in Venice on the island of Murano there are glass blowing classes that can provide you with some experience using Venetian glass blowing techniques. While you will not be an expert after a short class you will gain experience developing these new crafts and will often be able to carry home handmade versions of these crafts that let you truly experience the local culture.

The internet provides new ways to express yourself by documenting your travel experiences in a travel blog. Travel blogs re written online journals that allow you to document your thoughts and travel experiences in a form that you can reference for years to come. Not only are your thoughts captured in this form online but so are your photos in a form that your friends and family members can reference.

Using the aforementioned crafts and forms of self-expression are excellent ways to improve your overall travel experience. Try using these methods or others to develop a craft that captures and enhances your travel experience.

Spotting different fashion trends while abroad

The great thing about fashion trends is that people can spot something new and exciting when they are out and about. This is why many people vacation and roam the globe. They like to go to other hot spots to see what new trends of culture will be making their way from one country to the next.

It is common for people to go to London and Paris and see a lot of trends that are stylish and new. Some of these things may not be part of the scene in America yet. A reason for this is the designers. There are designers that live in Paris that drape models in things for fashion shows that are not currently available for retail sale in the US. The same thing happens in London. There are American models that will sometimes and hit the runway in another country to model some trendy new looks that have not surfaced in the fashion world yet.

The lucky people that have the opportunity to go abroad will be impressed with all of the high fashions trends that are new and exotic. Sometimes these trends are not always new though. There may not be any models that are parading around on a runway with new looks. For some countries this may just be a style that has not caught on in America. The trend may be relatively common in the area where you may be vacationing. It just may be different from anything that has been experienced where you live. This is what makes going abroad so much fun. It is good to see all the different things that are available for the fashion networks.

It is much easier to spot trends when people go out because other countries are a little bit more liberated. Some countries have garments that are a lot more revealing. People that are in Paris may wear more see through clothing. Skirts may be shorter and pants may be tighter. The world of fashion is always changing, but it can be really inspiring to see more trends outside of American soil.

People that may be in fashion design will often leave the country to get inspiration. It is also common for people in France or Italy to explore the fashion Mecca of American cities like New York and Los Angeles for inspiration. Fashion is a global concept with constantly emerging trends.

How to keep in touch with family while traveling

Traveling is fun and exciting, but it also means being away from family and loved ones for a while. Whether you’re traveling alone for work or with family members, there are always those you have to leave behind. Keeping your relationship strong while being on vacation is important, and without communication you’ll find yourself missing one another. Wondering how you can communicate with loved ones while away on vacation? Check out these ideas:

1.Phone calls:
A phone call is the easiest way of getting in touch, but often times it may be hard o make a call when you are in a location that has low or no service. Check out if you are by any local phone stations or booths and make a call for a few minutes.
Skype is a great way of seeing someone without being together. No matter where you are, you can connect your computer and video chat with friends and family back at home for free. Even better, you’ll be able to see their face and communicate in the best way possible while being far apart.

3.Share photos through social media:
If you’re on a vacation and have Internet connection, it’s a great idea for you to post photos of your trip or update your friends on social media sites. You can do this with each individual person or just share your updates with all. It allows for more creative ways of staying in touch.

4.Instant messaging applications:
Instant messaging is great for sharing thoughts and messages very quickly and easily. No need to dial a number or use money, simply send a message through your favorite instant messaging service and be able to communicate in real time easily.

Consider these methods of communication and stay in touch with family and friends while on vacation!